Features in our shelters

ANDAIR VA-150 - 88 CFM

Over Pressure Blast Valve

Standard Features:
-Entry Hatch with 48" inch pipe w/ 90° elbow turns
-Emergency Escape Hatch hidden underground
-Laser cut materials
-Bunk Beds with under-the-lid storage
-Removal floor boards w/ under floor storage
-Storage area - under floor
-Counter tops
-Kitchen / Sink
-3/8" Bulkhead Plates
-Galvanized Corrugated Pipe
-3/4" Furniture Grade Plywood Floors
-ANDAIR Swiss-made air filtration systems
-Blast valves
-Epoxy Paint on Exterior
-AC/DC Power Wiring
-Low voltage electric lights
-Electrical outlets
-6" air intake pipe
-Toilet Room

-Flat Screen TV
-Radiation Detectors
-Short wave Radios
-Camera Surveillance
-Gel cell recharchable batteries
-Solar Panels
-Private Head in some cases
-300 - 5,000 gallon water tanks
-100-500 gallon fuel storage tanks
-Solar-powered water well
-DVD player
-Power-generating exercise bicycle
-Red oak cabinets and beds
-Stained wood finishes
-Restroom facility
-Chemical Toilet
-Electric Toilet with holding tank

AC Selector Switch

Attached 10' Mud Room - Mud Room - Generator Room - Trash Room - Dog Kennel

Water-tight door with a wheel handle

Our standard blast hatch that serves as your main entrance

The staircase descends at a 30 degree angle to deflect gamma radiation

CEV Hatch Boulder

Concealed Escape Hatch

This is the air system our competition uses. It is very light-duty and almost impossible to operate manually unlike our Swiss-made air system.

Solar-powered water well

250-watt camouflage solar panel from Colored Solar

1250 gallon polyethylene water tank

2500 gallon polyethylene water tank

Electric Toilet

Under-floor piping

Emergency 12 volt LED lights

Interior Door that locks down

Interior Door Latch

Removable Center-boards for under-floor storage

Kitchen Cabinet with microwave and refrigerator

Kitchen Cabinet with sink

Pressurized running water

Customized Dresser Drawer with mirror

6 dog submarine door with wheel

Bathroom Interior

Step-down shower

Step-down shower

Artificial Rocks

Artificial Boulder to conceal your air ventilation

Artificial Tree to conceal your air ventilation

190 amp 6 volt gel cell batteries with invertor

Under Floor Plumbing

Water making device

Dought Master "Big Dipper"

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