"Atlas" is the only bunkers tested against the effects of a nuclear bomb

1959 Photograph from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers testing a corrugated pipe bunker underground from the effects of a nuclear bomb
The only bunkers manufactured today that has actually been tested against the effects of a nuclear bomb and has passed, is the round corrugated pipe shelters as shown in the picture to the left taken in 1959 by the U.S. Army Corps of Enginneers with volunteers shown inside

The round shape worked then and still works today! There is little difference between the bunkers made 50 years ago and the bunkers made today except the addition of modern interiors, NBC air filtration systems, Co2 scrubbers, generators, and high-tech electronics. There is no other shape other then round that will allow you to reach the depth underground that you need for maximum protection for your family and to allow the climate to be controlled underground.

"Beware the Square". No pre-manufactured square metal bunkers passed the nuclear test and should only be regarded as a fallout shelter or tornado shelter at best! .

This website contains over 1,000 pictures of our shelter interiors and installations!.


"Atlas Survival Shelters are now the most popular private survival shelters in the world"!.
Keeping your shelter secret is our #1 concern. We realize that your shelter is more private than a bank account therefore we are very discreet and do everything we can to keep your shelter absolutely private. We do not keep accurate records on any of our customer locations and only accept wire transfers for payment. All the photographs of people in these shelters were taken at trade shows. We do not reveal the names and locations of any of our customers to anyone at any time!.

What makes Atlas Survival Shelters the best shelter for you? The answer is easy!. 65 years of History, Proven Tested Designs, and government engineering! All Atlas Survival Shelters are designed to be buried at least 10' below the surface which allows us to put in our new proprietary geo-thermal cooling system. Our shelters are designed to be air-tight and all our shelters have our proprietory Co2 air scrubbers that will remove the carbon dioxide out of the shelter when you shut down your air system or if your air pipes have been blocked.

Also all our shelters have our proprietory mud room or decontamination room with shower attached to the main body of the shelter. Without this room there is nowhere to store trash or let your animals go to the bathroom. Also some Atlas Shelters have a proprietory bolt-on generator pod with a water-tight hatch door "patent pending".

Also, Atlas Shelters have one way in and two ways out! How? With an escape tunnel with an Inward swinging door that cannot be blocked. The escape hatch is 5' under the surface with a 4' deep sand layer for protection between the escape hatch and the surface. Also Atlas Survival Shelters have a MASSIVE amount of storage underneath the floors. The interior woods are mahogany, dried hemp or birch to prevent mold and all our paint has copper sulfate added to kill any mold or bacteria. We only use military-grade NBC air filtration systems imported from Europe or Israel with manual override cranks in case power is lost. Our air system is so easy to crank anyone from a 6 year old to a 106 year old can operate it. Beware of anyone trying to sell you a shelter with a homemade NBC air filtration system. If it is not from ASR Safe Cell, ANDAIR, Lunor, Bethel or Temet you do not want it! All these brands I have just listed are miltary approved and the only air systems you should trust your life with! If you are going to build your own shelter call me I will give you advice and sell you the parts such as the blast hatch and the NBC air filtration system.
Do not buy an air system that does not have a manual crank!

Very important notice! - Please Read Below
Every NBC Shelter should have the capability of shutting down the outside air following a nuclear, biological, or chemical attack.

Immediately following a nuclear attack, radioactive particles (alpha, beta, and gamma) in addition to high energy X-rays will propagate out from the blast site. Radioactive fallout poses the greatest threat to people in the days following the blast. The National Institute for Occupational Health & Safety (NIOSH) states in their guidance document, ‘Filtration and Air-Cleaning Systems to Protect Building Environments from Airborne Chemical, Biological, or Radiological Attacks,’ that “filtration and air-cleaning devices would be ineffective at stopping the blast and radiation itself.”

Shutting off the internal ventilation from the contaminated air outside is the only way to ensure the filtration system does not become concentrated with nuclear particles.

With the outside air isolated, it is critical to remove carbon dioxide exhaled by the people inside the shelter as well as provide a source of oxygen. Without a means to remove the carbon dioxide and add oxygen to the air within a sealed environment, the occupants will quickly suffer carbon dioxide poisoning and then suffocate from a lack of oxygen.. The time in which this will occur is based on the volume of the shelter and the number of occupants.

The solution is an Atlas AirGEN Standalone Scrubbing System in addition to an oxygen supply. A single AirGEN provides the capability of surviving isolation from the outside atmosphere for up to a week without electrical power and indefinitely using any 6-34V DC power supply. With radioactive fallout decaying rapidly with time, using the AirGEN to isolate the outside atmosphere ensures a better chance of ensuring your survival following a nuclear attack.

"Atlas Bomb Shelter" was started in Sacramento, CA in the 1950's during the Cold War era. To be politically correct in the world that we live in now the name was modernized to "Atlas Survival Shelters" in 2011 because a nuclear bomb is not the only threat we now face in this world. The company now produces it's shelters in California and Texas. Shown below is the 1961 pamphlet that was handed out to home owners during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Notice the letter of Certification from the Department of Defense dated August 14, 1961.

Notice: There are over 100,000 round corrugated pipe shelters in America and not one reported catastrophic failure! Our competition is trying to misled people into thinking corrugated pipe is going to collapse on them yet the government uses the exact same pipe in it's missile silos as shown in the 3 pictures below. Atlas Survival Shelters builds every type of shelter available, from round corrugated pipe to smooth high pressure propane tanks, from fabricated square shelters to concrete monolythic domes to preformed concrete homes.The strongest shelter is a concrete monolythic dome and will take a near direct nuclear blast. The most practical and affordable is the corrugated pipe. The highest bar rated shelter is a high pressure propane tank 11' diameter by 47' long with 11/16" thick walls. Two of our shelter designs are used in our nuclear missile silos and have been since the 50's. Beware of unscrupulous companies making metal square shelters and claiming them to be bomb shelters when they are nothing more than a tornado shelter at best and burried only 1-3 feet deep and do not have a quality NBC air filtration system or have a home-built air system with no manual overide crank. "Remember", a shelter must be burried at minimum of 6' under the surface to achieve a root cellar effect which will keep the interior temperature between 56 and 58 degrees. All Atlas Survival Shelters are burried a minimum of 10' below the surface. Please study the engineering facts before believing these people building square metal box shelters. They will not do the job you think and do not have a long life expectancy. Common sense and facts prove a round or dome shelter is several times stronger than any metal box or shipping container. Note: Our dome shelters do not have metal rebar in the concrete, they have Basalt Rebar so they will be invisible to metal detectors in drones.

Pictures below are of a 1961 decomissioned Titan 1 Missile Silo in Nebraska

Atlas Survival Shelters are made of 10' or 12' diameter galvanized corrugated pipe, which is up to 11 times stronger than square box shelters "Have you ever seen a square submarine?". Our pipe shelters can be burried up to 42' deep and have an estimated lifespan of 200 years. There is not a better made pre-manufactured shelter on the market today than our corrugated pipe shelters which are typically burried 10' underground where as a metal boxed shelter typically only has 2-3' of earth cover. Keep in mind, the deeper the shelter is burried, the cooler it will stay in the summer months!. Our blast proof pipe shelter is rated at 2 bars where as a square metal box shelter is typically rated at .5 bars or 7 psi. Square shelters make a fine temporary tornado shelter or fallout shelter only for a short term. Our pipe shelters give you the option to live in them indefinitely because the deep depth in which they are burried allows you to control the climate. Our shelters are built with the same care and quality materials as any new home!.

Your basic necessities, comfort and security needs will be meet with many of our designs. Our shelters are built with the highest quality materials including corrugated pipe and bullet-resistant hardened steel. Once you have selected the plot of land that you would like to have your shelter installed, our team will begin designing and manufacturing your shelter.
We have several models
IN STOCK ready for installation.

Give us a call to 1 (855)-4-Bunkers for more information on how to purchase your underground shelter!.
....Thank you, Ron Hubbard.

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