Spend-a-Night™Tornado Shelters
The Spend-a-Night Tornado Shelter is designed to give the family a place to spend the night underground when tornados are in the area and the family will just feel better if they can go to sleep in the comfortable over-night tornado shelter. The size shown below is the standard 10' diameter x 20' long for $29,900 without the interior built out or for $33,900 with the interior built as shown which includes 4 bunk beds, an entertainment center, and laminated oak floors. Just add a couch and four twin matresees and a 46" flat screen TV and now you not only have a tornado shelter but you have a guest room, a play room for the kids, and once you add your NBC filtration system you have a bomb shelter in the backyard as well. To add an NBC air filtration system add $6,000 to the price

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